Building Confidence while Starting to Build my CLI GEM

Posted by aimeemcgrenera on May 8, 2017

As I’m about to sit down and start my CLI Data Gem Project, I can’t help but feel the effects of Imposter Syndrome. This is the first time in this whole process where I have taken a hiatus of work from more than just a couple of days (I’m coming up on my 1 week mark since I submitted my last repo). I could go on and list excuses between life events and a full time job, but the honest truth is that I’m scared to start this project.

So far I have been completing labs, where I am told exactly what to do. This is the first time where my abilities are really put to the test and I am to create something completely on my own without very many instructions.

I am worried that I haven’t actually ingested the information and have just been going along, Imposter Syndrome is taking full control over me.

But enough excuses and enough time putting this off. Next time you hear from me I’ll have completed this project and be one step closer to confidence and becoming a developer :) See you on the other side!