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React Application - SpotCheck

The day has finally arrived. I have submitted my final portfolio project for the Flatiron School. And I couldn’t be more proud of my final project.

Rails Project with jQuery Frontend

*In this assessment your goal is to expand upon the rails assessment you did previously. The goal is to add dynamic features that are possible only through jQuery and a JSON API for your app. *

Rails Portfolio Project

For inspiration for my projects, I always think of something that I would find useful. After recently getting married, my mind was still in planning mode and organization. With so many events leading up to the wedding, I found it difficult to organize all the guest lists. The app I created does just that. Wedded List allows you to create lists for events which allows you to upload contacts to. You can then view all the contacts individually which lists their contact information as well as all the events they are invited to. The user is also able to view all the local contacts within the list.

Sinatra Portfolio Project: Park Mark Application

Learning Sinatra was extremely fun for me. I was finally seeing the information and coding that I have learned over the past few months come to fruition and actually create applications. It all started clicking, all those models and SQL tables were finally coming together to create something bigger. Something on the “web” even if it is locally :)

Step by Step

What I love about this curriculum is how you really learn how to do the nitty gritty, you learn the basics and how everything works, so when you get to ActiveRecord you know exactly what is behind that method. You know the lines of code that make up the simple now one line of .create.